I’m currently exploring different formats for e-learning, some of which need more technical knowledge than others. PowerPoint is a great e-learning tool for DIY resource creators. With a bit of practice, you can make animation do a bit more than send text flying around the screen. By using triggers, your slide show can become interactive, with participants controlling how they view the learning. You can even use it to create multiple choice quizzes. I’m currently working with Wren and Greyhound to devise a series of interactive learning modules for a client’s staff and volunteers, using PowerPoint as the tool.

Our first module using Moodle is also in development with Wren and Greyhound. Moodle might not be quite as accessible as PowerPoint but anyone can set up their own site using moodlecloud. I’m enjoying piloting a range of online learning tools from drag and drop and ‘choose your own adventure’ scenarios to reflective logs and group wikis.

Finally, I’ve been dusting off my Java programming boots to get to grips with creating Android apps. It’s early days, but I’m hoping to share my first learning apps with you later in 2019.