Jenny provided an important evaluation service for an innovative pilot programme our organisation was testing at a local level with a view to national roll-out. She brought insight, situational intelligence and connection to the role.  Jenny is highly skilled in analysis, distillation and summarising volume data into accessible, structured feedback for universal consumption.  Her experience, knowledge and professionalism shone throughout the process alongside her content knowledge on our subject matter (anti-bullying).

Jenny has a good-natured, positive and curious approach to her work.  I like her sharp wit, humour, sense of perspective and calm demeanour – it can diffuse stress in an instant.  Jenny is organised, diligent and her skill in making the difficult look easy is outstanding!

I genuinely could not offer an area for improvement.  She was timely in her initial response, immediately responsive throughout the process, the report quality and content was superb and she managed relationships with our stakeholders impeccably – one commented on welcoming the value of her robust questioning style.

Practically perfect in every way!

Jenny delivered three workshops on facilitation skills and coaching sessions for staff in pairs. She was very experienced in the topics, experience of delivering facilitation in different settings, and awareness of the sector and working with people and communities.

Jenny had a great level of understanding of our specific needs, she adapted to our needs throughout the contract period and was kind and considerate. She is very reasonable in terms of her pricing and I think probably does do more than what is covered in the costs.

Since September 2018 I have been supporting the Community Brokerage Network with the development and delivery of their SQA customised award.

Jenny has led on designing materials, marketing and promoting the award as well as recruiting. She organised and facilitated the interviews of potential candidates and completed all of the relevant follow up work. Her work is an excellent standard and she brought her expert skills and knowledge of SQA into the role. She assisted us through the maze of paperwork and formal requirements – no mean feat! Jenny is very well organised. She also demonstrated excellent negotiating skills and secured an SAAS contribution route for students. She also secured an excellent and very appropriate venue for the delivery of the award. Jenny had the right balance between making decisions for us when it was needed and deferred as appropriate. She was very thorough in her work and worked well on her own initiative but regularly updated on progress. She knew what we needed done, knew how to do it and delivered without any fuss. She focused on finding solutions to challenges which was excellent.

Jenny provided a brief scoping of e-learning opportunities in connection with a desire to provide information and training in a e-learning format. She showed the ability to identify need and focus on what can be achieved in a short time with contacts and a general awareness of what is going on ‘out there’. She was easy to relate to. I had the feeling that I was being carefully listened to by someone who was interested in our work. She produced a helpful report within the agreed time parameters.
George Ruston, Development Officer, The Salveson Mindroom Centre