Flying Underground help people
and organisations learn


We’re inspired by the spirit of underground education,
flying universities and edupunk following these four principles:

Learning should be open and accessible to all

Learning should be open:

Learning is a core part of all our lives. We can help you develop programmes that remove barriers and reach your audience.

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Learning should be engaging, creative and enjoyable.

Learning should be engaging:

It’s easy to get stuck with the same delivery style. We can help you develop new and innovative ways to deliver your content.

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Learners can and should take control of their learning.

Learners can and should:

Learning shouldn’t be something that is done to you. We can help work with groups of learners to co-design their learning.

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DIY teaching tools are best placed to meet the needs of learners

DIY teaching tools:

You are best placed to design bespoke teaching materials to meet your learners’ needs. We can help with ideas and support to take you in the right direction.

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What we offer

Design of bespoke programmes to meet the needs of your organisation including face-to-face and distance learning options – helping you to do it for yourself.

Creation of off-the-shelf or tailored resources to support your delivery – all produced with a diy ethic.

Creative delivery – working with groups to develop the learning programme they want.

External evaluation of educational programmes – supporting you to measure and build on the success of your programme.

Support and guidance for your teaching and learning, including reflective practice, accredited learning and action research.

Who are we?

Jenny Reekie

I have always loved devising creative delivery techniques, so in 2018, I established Flying Underground to support others with resource and programme development.

I spent 18 years working as a tutor, development worker and manager in community-based adult learning. Specialising in literacy and numeracy delivery, I worked alongside many amazing learners, navigating the journey towards major life goals. Whether you’re a tutor or a learner, there is always something new to learn, mainly about yourself! I’m a firm believer in taking time out to think about and improve what you do and how you do it. I’ve developed tools and approaches for reflective practice and action research to support my own and others’ development. You can find some of them in the Resources section, or contact me for more ideas.

My DIY ethic extends to comics, gardening and not-very-good joinery